DDB CCO Amir Kassaei Named President of ADC Europe

A big congratulations to Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer DDB Worldwide, who was named the new president by the Board of the Art Directors Club of Europe.


The ADC of Europe, comprising creative clubs from 20 countries as its members, is evolving against the grain of the trends in the industry and is increasingly gaining influence. Not so long ago, the British Creative Club D&AD made its reentry public – and now, the announcement of Art Directors Club of Europe about the appointment of Kassaei as president came as a bombshell. The structure of ADC of Europe, in particular, the manner in which the awards are structured, is his unique selling point. Only the winners of the creative club competitions held by the respective home country qualify for the competition organized by the ADC of Europe.

A new chapter can now begin with Amir Kassaei at the helm of the affairs. Kassaei has grand plans: He would like to transform the “Club of Champions” to an active driving force in the European creative business. First step: the club is open not just to clubs, but also to creatives. Amir would like to gather the creÌ€me de la creÌ€me, without the ridiculous barriers posed by agencies, categories or borders. Even the value of ideas and the very idea that creative individuals must participate on equal footing with their clients are some issues listed on Kassaeiʼs agenda. The goal is to create an influential club of the creatives for creatives in Europe that offers its members a real advantage by representing their interests as well as offering a platform for exchange and inspiration.

Kassaeiʼs strategic approach is based on three principles:

1. ADC*E as the club of the champions: The crème de la crème of the creative industry in Europe must be united under the leadership of ADC*E.

2. ADC*E as the gold standard for quality: The ADC*E must set an example, in particular in the manner it grants awards for works and offers membership, but also through its initiatives.

3. ADC*E as an innovative facilitator: The ADC*E must take its role as the “enabler” seriously and advance the quality of creative communication with select programs on the one hand, and on the other, also in its capacity as the interest representative of the creatives in Europe, and garner more long-standing acceptance in the political and business communities, as well as create greater scope for constructive exchange.

Sara Cosgrove DDB Europe Communications Director